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  • 2012-09-13
    Unilever Office / Camenzind Evolution




    非常感谢设计方Camenzind Evolution将项目介绍和项目图片授权gooood发行。
    Appreciation towards Camenzind Evolution for providing the following description:

    All Photo © Peter Würmli

    “With 400 brands spanning 14 categories of home, personal care and foods products, no other
    company touches so many people’s lives in so many different ways. 160 million times a day,
    in 170 countries, people use our products at key moments of their day.”

    With the expansion of the Schaffhausen offices as the main European hub for Unilever’s
    Supply Chain Company, Unilever asked Camenzind Evolution to create their new 2'300 m2 office
    with an identity that would clearly reflect and represent their core values and visions to
    the outside world, employees, clients and visitors alike.

    In addition, Unilever wanted to introduce ‘Agile Working’ as a Global Workplace Standard:
    A well- balanced, activity based workplace design to develop and retain the skills of their
    employees with improved motivation, commitment and health.
    Agile workplaces contain different zones designed to support different types of work
    activities: Focus Zones for individual and concentrated working, Connect Zones for
    collaboration and communication and Vitality Zones to socialize and revitalize.

    Therefore Camenzind Evolution’s concept created a new workspace layout, which is able to
    support the Unilever values and visions in the context of Agile Working. It was essential to
    break-up existing traditional workspace layout arrangements for an innovative and efficient
    way of working and providing a continuous communication flow for improved networking and
    easier collaboration. This was achieved by distributing differentiated functions along the
    peripherie of the central communication hub and creating an open, centrally located
    staircase linking all three floors for visual and social connectivity. The chosen approach
    of an open-space office also reflects an open and honest work environment based on mutual
    trust and respect,in which people are easy to locate and always approachable.

    In the Focus Zones and ‘Quiet Areas’, the goal was to create well-designed and innovative
    spaces that motivate and inspire employees to excel in their daily work. Especially the
    ‘Garden’ and‘Library’ Quiet Areas offer a diverse range of work areas with different
    moods and atmospheres,e.g. the cozy and soothing ‘Library’. This creates a choice for the
    employees and their preferences and increases their feeling of wellbeing. In addition,
    developing inspirational environments closely related to Unilever product attributes, like
    e.g. the organic and natural ‘Garden’ aims to consciously and subconsciously create
    stronger affinity for the employees with the Unilever brand.

    The fresh and vibrant ‘Deli-Bar’ and the warm and inviting ‘Coffee Hub’ in the Vitality
    Zones introduce new sociable spaces on the two main floors, easy to access for
    collaboration, networking across the company and aiding the creative process of developing
    and exchanging new ideas. Creating special areas where employees can revitalise and relax,
    also manifests Unilever’s commitment to creating not only products but also spaces that are
    good for people and will benefit them and others.
    Inside the space, the Unilever brand is omnipresent to strengthen the idea of belonging to
    the Unilever family. This was achieved on a variety of levels, e.g. by strong visual
    branding on the core elements, displaying Unilever visions and values. Mixed product
    branding was cleverly employed in the individual meeting room designs, with each meeting
    room representing and named after selected Unilever brands. Quiet Areas and Vitality Zones
    were designed with a concept of atmospheric branding through the use of brand or product
    attributes creating moods that evoke feelings of certain brand attributes.

    Displaying the products was also essential for creating a direct link to the motivation that
    drives the Unilever employee. Multiple ways for displaying products in the space were
    applied: direct product visibility by actual displays of all products and innovations on
    shelves, direct product references by creating visual references to products and product
    values and message references by creating spaces with atmospheres that make
    strong references to product values and messages.

    Unilever’s new offices in Schaffhausen are an excellent example how a companies identity
    with its core values and visions, in the context of an agile workplace, can be represented
    in various layers in the design and be experienced on multiple levels by employees as well
    as visitors and clients.

    PROJECT UNILEVER  SCC ASCC,  Diana, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
    Agile working Office Fit-out

    LOCATION  Spitalstrasse 27
    8200 Schaffhausen

    CLIENT Unilever  Supply Chain Company AG Spitalstrasse 5
    8200 Schaffhausen
    Architecture - Design - Technology  Stefan Camenzind - Executive Director
    Samariterstrasse 5 Tanya Ruegg - Creative Director
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